How to specify times in which participants are unavailable

Participants marked busy, or unavailable, will not be able to attend rehearsals at the time.

Adding “busy-times” of participants is a central feature for rehearsal planning.

Adding a new busy-time-marker

To mark a participant’s time as busy (a time show or he can not attend rehearsals):

  1. Go to the calendar view
  2. On iPhone only, open the second toolbar, by tapping on the toolbar button [  ]
  3. Tap the “Persons’s Calendar” button [  ]
  4. Choose the relevant participant
  5. On the participant’s calendar, long-press on the calendar to create a busy time marker.


Note about rehearsal-rooms
To show that a rehearsal-room is unavailable, follow the same steps: instead of choosing a participant’s calendar (see step 4 above), you can open a rehearsal-room calendar.

Editing via swipe gestures

You can move a busy-time-marker or change its start or end time using swipe gestures.

To do so, long-press the busy-time-marker until it is highlighted, and then swipe your finger up and down to adjust it:

  • If you long-press on the top-third, you can then change the start time.
  • If you long-press on the center, you can then move the busy-time as is.
  • If you long-press on the bottom-third, you can change the end-time.

Editing using the busy-time editor

To edit the busy-time-marker via editor:

  1. Tap on the busy-time-marker to open the editor.
  2. Change the settings as wished
  3. Optionally add a comment to the marker
  4. Tap ‘Save’ to keep the changes or ‘Cancel’ to discard any changes.


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